Monday, 11 April 2011

Karma has come... bite me on the arse.  After all my moaning about hubby to be's manflu, I've only gone and come down with it.  And it's a doozy.  My nose is running like a leaky tap, my throat is ouchy and I'm coughing hard enough that I fully expect to spit out a bit of lung at any moment.   

In wedding planning world, we were at the in-laws for dinner last night and mother in law to be handed me a stack of very 80s flower arranging books, which I admit, I only looked at to be polite.  Flicking through one, I came through the perfect flower arrangement for my centrepieces - square vases filled with cherries and another vase in the middle holding roses.  It sounds strange, it looks really nice and if we can pull it off on budget, it'll match the colour scheme. Woohoo.

Days to wedding:  5 months or 153 days!  Eeeek.

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