Friday, 27 July 2012

the return

Sooo, I started the new weight loss blog in the hope it would encourage me to lose those post wedding pounds.  Sadly, attempting to lose weight is dull and blogging about my fruitless attempts proved beyond me.  After several reoccurrences of the dreaded shin splints, and all the falling off the wagon into a pile of cake, its back to being mental here.

To catch you up, work remains a disaster of epic proportions, in which I repeatedly picture giant anvil balanced over the heads of my colleagues ready to drop on their heads when I cut the rope.  I'm still angry with my brother, especially as he went off and got married without inviting anyone except his kids and my parents.  Seems the " we are a family" crap he spouted before almost ruining my wedding with his tantrums, only applies to us, not him.

It's been almost a year since my own wedding, and if anyone else asks "How's married life?", I will scream.  There are only so many ways to say "same as before only with a different surname and less sex".  Obviously, I exclude the sex bit if it's inappropriate, like when I'm talking to parents and grandparents,  and in front of my boss since he cornered me at the Christmas party, asking when I was getting divorced.

As we speak mental husband is upstairs on the internets picking out a gift for our wedding anniversary.  Sometimes he is very lovely.