Friday, 8 April 2011

In sickness and in health? Really?

Really?  I have to love him even when he's ill?  Ok, I can probably just about manage that, as long as there is no expectations that I actually have to like him when he's ill.  Oh dear.  Manflu has arrived at the house of impending wedlock. 

Now, I'm an IT bod.  I work mainly with men, so I know how hardy they are.   However, my chosen mate, turns into a petulant four year old when ill, requiring vast amounts of lemsip, cuddles and backrubs.  And he refuses to swallow pills.  Last time he was ill, he had a virus that caused his temperature to skyrocket to the point where I could have used him to defrost the freezer.  As he refused to take pills I trotted off to the supermarket and bought some calpol. Calpol costs more than a pack of paracetomol and I got moaned at for buying him children's medication!!!  This time, I'm losing patience. He's had the cold for a couple of days.  Today, I took an early finish from work to take care of him.  I arrived home, brought him some juice only to be told off because it wasn't in the fridge.  It's his juice!!  If it's not in the fridge, nothing to do with me.  So I had to take the juice downstairs and get him some OJ.  Then when I brought it back up to him,  I got moaned at again because it interupted his wrestling watching.  Only the presence of an electric blanket and my laziness stopped him from getting the a shower in the fecking juice!!!

In my more broody moments, I remind myself that I don't need a child.  I've already got a 6'2" toddler.


Days to wedding:  156 (maybe).

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