Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The green eyed wedding monster

I'm not the most rational of people at the best of times and this wedding thing...phew.  It's bringing out the worst.

It seems that when we got engaged we acted like a stick of dynamite, triggering a reaction amongst family and friends of a similar age.  Suddenly, everyone and their aunt is getting married and I want to stomp my feet and scream "no fair!" over and over.   To be fair, a friend of Mr Mental Bride kicked it off by running off to get married in Vegas, but to make me seem less crazy, I'm ignoring that.

Most of these weddings I can deal with, but there's just one that's making the green eyed mental bridezilla in me just seethe with loathing.  Everyone has one of those mega-competitive friends.  In this case, anything I can do, she can do better.  I have a headache, so does she, no wait, it's worse than that! It's a migraine! No a brain tumour! I get a new job and she reminds me that I was rubbish at that subject in uni.  I'm sure we all know the type.  Sometimes I have fun making up crazy scenarios for her to top.

After Mr Mental Bride went down on one knee I knew it would drive her nuts and she nagged her OH until he also proposed (at Christmas natch).  To be fair, he probably would have eventually done it anyway.

Anyway, I was worried they'd have their wedding before us, but no.  They're having it almost a year to the day after ours.  In Venice.  Then a party when they get back.  As she never asks a thing about my wedding, I quietly seethe everytime she mentions hers.   Every email or facebook post.

No idea why I'm so pissed off.  It's not like our weddings are similar or anything.  I just wanted to be special for a bit....

Told you I was a crazy!!

Days to the wedding: 151
Level of craziness: Moderate

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