Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The horror of wedding photos

We've seen some wedding photos now.  Some professional ones and some on facebook.  And ouch.  I knew.  I really did.  I'm not traditionally beautiful, or pretty or even attractive.  The best I can hope for in good lighting and the right angle and decent makeup is distinctly average.  The word homely has been applied.  That hurts but probably true.  I've been compared to Princess Beatrice.   Sadly, I see the resemblance.  So I wasn't expecting thin and pretty.  I wasn't looking for supermodel.  I'm awkward and gangly and clumsy and I knew it would show.

So I knew the photos weren't going to do anything magical.  The posed shots are ok, from a distance.  Sadly our photographer was short and the day was windy so I look messy. There were shots taken during other moments. My arms look like hams and you can see the scars.   They seemed to catch me just about to laugh or finishing a laugh so I look...special.  And fat. 

I am so not photogenic. 

Everyone else seems to like them, and the photographer was really good and the shots I'm not in are lovely.

Was it too much to ask for one photo where I don't look like a window licker?

Sob.  Sob.  Sob.

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