Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Stressy Stressy Stessy

I'm going mad.  Really.  Really, really properly mad.  As in wanting to punch my boss for eating his cereal too loudly, or kick my manager for talking to herself.  Weirdly, this has very little to do with the wedding, which seems to be coming together a bit, but everything to do with work.  Specifically a piece of work I was assigned two years ago, completed, then 6 months ago as informed it had changed.  I've been working on it solidly ever since.  What I didn't expect (although I should have) is that the software upgrade that was supposed to make our lives easier has made things 100 million times worse.  Not helped by my manager coding something that ate up all the system memory and destroyed our files.   Future husband is stressed also so there is no respite at home, especially since I told him he spent too much time in the mancave and he responded by spending every second with me.  I didn't mean he needed to be with me all the time.  I just wanted a hello as I came in the door or something.  Now I just want to send him to his room or something so I can have 5 minutes to watch rubbishy tv without it being switched to Sky Sports news or tennis.  

This is not good for weight loss.  I'd love to be one of those elegant women who go off food.  My future husband is stressed too, and he feels sick so doesn't eat.  I, on the other hand, eat everything that's not nailed down.  At this rate, Norwegians are going to try to harpoon me to make lipsticks.

In other news, we (finally) have our invitations, but there was another hold up when future husband declared that my handwriting wasn't good enough to write them so gave them to his mother, who decided she needed to practice.  Arrgh.  And another wobble when we argued over the meal.  Apparently the meat was too fatty for H2Bs liking so he wanted to pay more money to feed people we don't like.  We're already paying more for the red wine (the one provided was too vinegary) and tea and coffee (of which I drink neither) so I was refusing to pay yet another £5 a head for meat that was actually rather yummy.  We had a bit of an argument over that, after which he felt it was necessary to get me flowers and chocolate.   We've got our centrepieces and some bargain hurricane candle lamps from Tesco.  My new larger bridesmaid's dress has arrived.  

Days til the wedding:  74 (I think)
Level of madness:  Danger! Danger!  (but not the wedding's fault for once). 

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