Monday, 6 June 2011

Less than 100 days...

With less than 100 days to go until the big day, I'm struggling to find ways to keep feeling like we're actually planning this thing.  The trouble is, we've been far too organised and done everything so far in advance that there isn't much left.  We've sorted the cars, the venue, the dress, veil, and the tiara.  Our invitations are a work in progress, but they are in hand.  We tried on the rings last night. So what's left?

Well...there's the food.  Our menu tasting is next week and we needed to pick options for it.  But, after poring over the menu for hours, we came back to the same choices we made when they gave us the menu, almost a year ago.  So that took all of 5 seconds.

Wedding jewellery is largely sorted, as much as it can be without seeing it with the dress.

That just leaves me.  Having been relatively well behaved regarding the diet and the gym, and starting the new beauty regime, I can honestly say, with 3 months left to go, that I am not suddenly going to morph into Cameron Diaz.  Well, maybe her skin!!!   Sadly, I am not going to lose all the weight,develop 6 pack abs, and my backne is not going to miraculously disappear.   So why am I sitting her ignoring that last tasty Yorkie cookie and the yummy truffles that are calling my name with their siren songs.  Surely one can't make a difference?  Well, probably not.  Like I said, I can stop eating junk and spend my life in the gym, but I've reached that weight where my body fights me and between now and September, if I continue to be good, I'll probably lose 2-3lbs more.  So, no.  I have no idea why I'm not eating that damn cookie.  Maybe something to do with looking at the wedding pictures and knowing I did my best.  I'm not sure how that will relate to my Jabba the Hutt chins but I'll cross that (reinforced) bridge when I come to it.  Can you tell that I'm rubbish at dieting?

Days to the wedding: 97 eeep
Level of madness: cookies are speaking to me.

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